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Apache CloudStack

apacheDeveloped in 2009 by, acquired by Citrix in 2011 and transferred to the Apache Software Foundation in 2012, CloudStack™ is now leader of Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud deployment, used by hundreds of hosts cloud .

CloudStack™, is a turnkey solution providing the "Stack" features requested by companies:

  • Orchestration tools,
  • NaaS,
  • administration and user management,
  • full native API,
  • web accessible interface.

Based on an open source brick, CloudStack™ platform enables the deployment and configuration of a wide high availability Cloud network from a single interface.


This technology is based on existing hypervisors such as KVM, vSphere and XenServer / XCP.
In addition to its own API, CloudStack is also compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) API.

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